10 Things to Consider in Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and online selling is a wide and complex matter. If you want to master it in a more disciplined and structured manner, then go for a particularly good digital marketing course. However, if you are like me who, wants to pick up some nuggets from internet and want to learn at my own pace and way. Then this blog is for you, here I am sharing a series of tips that if implemented right, can boost your online sales

1. Use a Video

Video is extremely powerful communication tools, yet when it comes to digital marketing, it is hugely underutilised. Video is used in a very limited capacity for online sales.  Usual marketing or sales videos would read out the sales script. Videos that serve as conventional advertisement: attempting to sell the value proposition by showing emotive footage put together well, are not quite common on internet. Professionally created advertisement like videos can be game-changing. You can hire professional videographer and get them to make your product look as amazing as possible.  Add an incredible soundtrack, and you can motivate people to stop thinking and just click on that “buy” button!

2. Have a Pop-Up

Pop-ups, or lightboxes, are boxes that appear over your page content and make the rest of the page fade in the background. These pop-ups can be an excellent way to grab attention and to promote a discount or offer. Better yet, these pop-ups can be tweaked to appear only under certain conditions. The best example? A pop-over that appears when the user tries to leave the page or scrolls the page up to a certain point or after a certain time.

3. Remove Ads

If you have adverts for other products on your website – such as Google AdSense – then it is important that you remove those ads as soon as you can. All these ads do is to send clicks away from your site, thereby negatively impacting your own sales.

4. Remove Navigation Elements

Just like removing external products’ ads, the same is true for other navigation elements. Your sales page should not include easy buttons that will take visitors back to the homepage, or to other pages on your site. Again, this only encourages your visitors to leave the page without having bought anything – which is exactly what you do not want them to do!

5. Effective Targeting

If you are having traffic or visitors, but they are not converting into customers, then don’t just blame your sales page or design or sales copy. It is possible that you may be targeting the wrong bunch of crowds. In other words, you may find that you are bringing the wrong people to your page, to begin with, who would never buy your product even with all the persuasion in the world!

6. Website Page Speed Matters

Run the page speed optimization test from Google to see if your page is loading speedily. This is especially important as a slow page-load speed will not only hurt your SEO but will also cause a lot of people to leave your site before it even has a chance to load. Now a days people online are impatient. If your website loads slow, it may give impression that it has not been done professionally. This will hurt people trust, and they won’t want to hand over their payment details to a website or business that they presume is not very professional.

7. Offer Discounts

Discounts are a powerful tool to drive more sales. These not only let you play with price points to see what people respond best to, but also allow you to increase the sense of urgency. When pricing your product, it’s important to leave “space” for your discounts later on.

8. Offer Money-Back Guaranty

A money back guarantee shows vendors’ trust and confidence in its own product. A money-back guarantee is a very good sale boosting strategy yet it is missing from a lot of websites. Money back guaranty is effective because it provides your audience with the assurance that they will like the product – or be reimbursed. This, in turn, removes one of the primary barriers to sale and ensures that many more people go through with clicking “buy.” At the same time, money-back guarantees will rarely be “cashed in.” This means that you really stand to lose nothing, and to gain an awful lot!

9. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an extremely powerful tool that a lot of sellers do not fully utilize. Stories have the benefit of feeling personal and very “in the moment,” which in turn makes them highly engaging. Instagram stories often entice your followers to act right away.

10. Know Your Value Proposition

The value proposition is one of THE most important aspects of your product and your business. This should answer the question: how you are providing value. In short, your product should make people’s lives better in a very real and tangible way. Your job is to get your audience to visualize what this would look like and feel like – this strategy will put them in a state of mind to act and buy.

Have you applied any of the techniques in your online business? How your results have been? Share with us in the form below. If you want to receive a free eBook with a more comprehensive list of amazingly effective strategies to boost your online sales, fill the form below and we will send you free eBook right away.

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