Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the King of Internet Marketing – All Hail to The King!

Ingredients of Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to the internet or digital marketing, Content Marketing Strategy is the king. But it is not just any ordinary content. In order to sit on the throne of IM, Content has to be unique and creative, and it must provide value to its audience. Such content will help your brand to stand out in the crowd.


Use headlines that spark interest and capture the reader’s attention. According to Copyblogger’s research, 80% of people will read only the headlines of your content, and only 20% of those people will read the body of the content.


The general tendency is to cram the content with keywords to boos SEO. Content Marketing Strategy would be best if you instead focused on providing high quality and relevant content for your audiences. You can strategically and creatively place your keywords inside the range. Nowadays, the search engine favors high-quality and relevant content over low-quality content, even though it may be filled with keywords.

Graphics & Images

A picture is worth a thousand words does not get any truer anywhere else than in the world of the internet or digital marketing. Turn your mundane text into a visually attractive presentation to reap the benefits of the above saying. According to a leading daily survey, tweets with images have 150% more chance of re-tweets than tweets with only text. Tweets containing images have an 18% better chance of clicks than text-based tweets. It is a proven scientific theory that the human brain is emotionally more responsive to visually stimulating content. Always choose quality images to add to your content. Stock images are good, but those are not unique. For content marketing strategy you could use online programs such as Canva to edit the images and make those unique to your Training Institute brand. and are some of the websites where you can find royalty-free stock images.


According to Wikipedia, “meme (/miːm/ MEEM) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.” Memes are viral on social media, especially among the youth. Based on the same concept that a picture is worth a thousand words, memes are creatively used to communicate cultural taboos, emotions, feelings, etc.


Infographics are used to simplify the complex data and present statistics visually for the reader or viewer to access the info with a glance. People generally do not like to read long, boring texts containing statistical data. Infographics make such content more attractive for the reader or viewer. Infographics have proven more effective in engaging the viewer than plain text.


Gifs are animated graphics or animated infographics. These are also very popular on social media platforms. Creative use of Gifs in your content can give a significant boost to viewer engagement and retention.


This form of content is in demand now. Sites like YouTube are not just video platforms but serve as a search engine as well. People looking for video content would do their search on YouTube and similar venues. When adding video to your Content Marketing Strategy, be careful not to host videos on your website hosting infrastructure. You can leverage YouTube, Vimeo, and other similar platforms to upload your videos and use the embed function to add videos to your blog posts and websites.

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