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Best E-Learning Platforms for Businesses

Online training is now more popular than ever thanks to technology and also emerging world trends. It is, therefore, important that businesses adopt this method of training to keep up with modern changes. Besides, it is a cheaper and more convenient method compared to in-person training. In this article, we are going to check the best e-learning platforms for businesses.

If you are interested in setting up this kind of training, you need to choose from the top e-learning platforms for businesses. This is an online space where your workers or students will gain access to all the information they will need when learning.

You can also be able to interact with them and monitor their progress. The platform allows you to organize seminars, lectures, online courses, and workshops.

If wondering how to go about it and which e-learning platform for businesses to go for, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to discuss the types and examples of e-learning platforms for businesses that you can utilize.

They include:


Edujournal- Marketplace for Life-long Learning


Edujournal is a Singapore-based training management system provider. Edujournal TMS is comprised of all the necessary tool sets to establish a centralized knowledge management system and e-learning platform for any business.  Edujournal enables you to create, store and manage all your courses or learning content hassle-free.


Other Benefits

  • In-built Learning Management System
  • User-friendly and affordable
  • Content Management System
  • Progress Chart and analytics
  • Multiple training facilities
  • Access from anywhere, anytime

Talent LMS E-learning Platform for Businesses

This platform provides all the tools that you may need to create simple courses, presentations, videos, packages, quizzes, and surveys that will help in delivering your courses. As your workers or students learn, the platform enables you monitor their progress and maintain a smooth flow of communication.

To brand your site, you can build a public home page and customize it as per your liking. It can include your logo, preferable colors, and domain among others. To do this, you do not need advanced technical knowledge as the e-learning platform for businesses has an intuitive user interface.

Other Benefits

  • You can integrate the platform with other applications through Zapier. These include HRMS systems, payment getaways, conferencing tools
  • It can be accessed from several smart devices including a phone.
  • Your content can have multiple translations in different languages
  • You can switch between user-roles seamlessly

Docebo E-learning Business Platform

If you intend to include lessons and courses that touch on both the formal and informal sectors, this e-learning platform for businesses is a perfect fit. It allows you to easily create and manage online courses, exams, chats, and social forums.

Thanks to its minimalistic in-built content editor you can create an HTML page from both text and media. It also comes with AL that can be able to scan and analyze your content and tag relevant keywords. This helps your target audience easily find your content.

The platform also provides a bonus in the form of access to related ready-made courses that have been created by other professional course developers. You can use these to complement what you want to offer.

Other Benefits

  • Easy to use for both learners and the administration
  • Offers a free trial period for you to get a feel of the platform
  • Easy to track training performance
  • There are over 40 language options which you can localize your content to
  • Custom reports
  • You can customize the platform to include your logo and preferred colors.

Adobe Captivate Prime E-learning Business Platform

If looking for a platform that can handle advanced social learning and extensive reporting the Adobe Captivate Prime has got you covered. It also allows you to create external groups whereby people who are not in your organization or company can use to learn.

For those learners who can directly access the platform, there are extensive social learning features to help ease their learning process. Also, they can access the content in different languages.

The platform is accessible by smart devices, whereby, there’s also a mobile app that is accessible both online and offline.

In case you do not have enough content to train your employees or students, the platform offers a full library of shelf courses from which you can buy.

Other Benefits

  • Ability to download courses to learn later when offline
  • Enables push notifications and announcements so that your entire team can keep up and stay informed
  • Supports many third-party integrations
  • It is easy to use for both workers and the administration


In comparison to in-person training, more and more businesses are opting for online training. This is because it is more flexible, features a greater program variety, and is cheaper.

However, to fully realize these benefits you need to go for an efficient e-learning platform for businesses. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your precious time and resources.

In this article, we have provided you with types and examples of e-learning platforms that will prove worthwhile. Depending on your needs and preferences, choose the one that suits you best.

If you have no idea which one to go for, edujournal.com can help provide guidance and sound advice.

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