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e-Learning Business Ideas

Looking to start an online education business and are wondering how to go about it? Well, you are in the right place. This piece shall provide you with invaluable e-learning business ideas which you can implement to attain success in this venture.

As per research, E-learning Industry is expected to grow by 240 billion USD by 2022. If you have some e-learning business ideas, this is the perfect time to get started with. E-learning is the future of modern education.

Besides, the digital world has already dominated the world’s education system, especially after the recent lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. That means that there is a huge demand and ready market out there. Success is definitely within reach. All you need is to apply practical e-learning business ideas to attain it. They include:


Best E-learning Business Ideas for 2021


  • Online Tutoring Services for Students
  • Homeschooling Services for Kids
  • Online Library
  • E-learning Courses
  • Online Acting School
  • Online Music School
  • Online Soft-skills Training
  • Online Digital skills Training
  • Online Spoken English Classes
  • Online Stress Management Courses
  • Online Fashion Design school
  • Online Cooking Classes
  • Online Startup Consultation
  • Online Language Courses
  • Online school for disabled

How to Execute your E-learning Business Ideas

Decide on the Course

You most probably have an idea of what you are going to teach, but you should double-check to ensure it is a topic that you are well versed with. It is one thing to claim that you are an expert in a given area and it is another to prove that you truly are.

Given that almost all economic sectors are moving to the online space, makes it is quite saturated. You, therefore, have to stand out above people offering similar courses by ensuring that what you offer is more profound.

These should be courses in an area that you have specialized in, practice in your day-to-day life, or are well experienced in and passionate about. If you have certifications to prove you are qualified, the better.

 Establish a Suitable Means of Distribution

When brainstorming on how to start an online business, deciding on the mode of distribution is usually one of the most challenging parts. To begin with, your students are likely to come from different parts of the world and may join your course at different times.

In this case, you will need to factor in time zones and tailor-make your lessons to suit everyone. While at it, choose to go with a method that discourages pirating.

When you email the course to your students or send them to download files and links to video lessons, you are not guaranteed that they will be the only ones benefitting from it. They could share it with other people, who will share it with others. This is bad business for you.

Hosting your students behind a paywall on your website or on platforms such as skype minimizes the chances of them pirating what you have to offer.

Find Your Target Market

Who do you plan to teach? On which online platforms do they love to hang out? What entices them most? These are important questions to answer when starting an online education business. You can then join these platforms and contribute to conversations.

Take time to learn techniques and skills that get this audience hooked by observing successful marketing trends and borrow a leaf from them. Remember, how you package yourself and your brand is also important. Your online persona should project credibility and reliability.

 Research Your Competition

Find people who are in the online education business and offer similar courses. Find out their strengths so as to borrow an idea or two and also their weaknesses so as to fill in any gaps.

If you don’t find so much information or competition in your subject area, it could only mean two things. Either there isn’t enough market demand for what you intend to offer or it is a goldmine with a ready market but only a few have explored it. Thorough research will enable you to establish which is which.

Convert your E-learning Business ideas into Courses

Get right into it by creating your first course. The course should be informational and useful, but ensure not to pour your all into it. You should only include pertinent details that will teach your students what they need to know and hold back intricate details and in-depth knowledge for further courses.

Besides, teaching everything you know in a single course will make it super long of which your students may find boring. Making it short and precise will not only stir interest in your audience to find out more but also create more business for you.

 Launch it to a Small Test Group

By now you have already established your target audience, created an impressive brand, and hopefully made several connections. Promote your course to a small group of people at a lower price than what you eventually hope to charge and watch how it performs.

Ask your students for feedback. You could also ask them to leave testimonials to help market your course. You can then improve your course based on this information.

If the feedback is satisfactory, you can go ahead to scale up your business by marketing it to a larger segment of people and eventually offering more courses. Paid advertising, email marketing, publicity & PR, social networks, and the like can help you land more students quicker and easier.


If wondering how to implement your e-learning business ideas, the above tips and steps will come in handy. Just like any other business, it will require you to put in the time, energy, and exercise patience.

If you do it right and also offer useful information, you are guaranteed to reap leaps and bounds from any online education business venture.

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