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How to Market Your Online Course?

Is Marketing is necessary? If Yes How to market your online courses? These are not valid questions anymore.

The competition in the training industry is so vast nowadays. You cant just be profitable by creating some eLearning content. You need to know how to market your online courses to sustain.  According to Findstack, the eLearning market is expected to grow about 240 billion USD Globally by 2022.  40% of Fortune 500 companies use eLearning for their internal Training of employees.

Ever wondered why online courses have become so popular? Well, a lot of information is available online and people are turning to these courses to get knowledge. This has created even more opportunities for individuals to reach new audiences.

Developing an online course is easy; the primary challenge is to have people go through it. This article will discuss tips on how to market your online courses.


Before Knowing “How to market your online courses”

First things first, You need to know where you are standing. Do you already have your own eLearning content or you are starting from the beginning?

If you already have your content then fine, focus on marketing them. If you are starting from the beginning, you need to do some initial etiquette.

  • Finalize your niche: Always focus on those areas where you have your expertise like soft skills, language, etc. People always listen to you if you have achieved something in your niche. Do not multitask with multiple domains which are not related  (eg: Music class and aviation )
  • Specify your Audience: In order to market your online courses, you need to know your target audience first. Categorize your audience based on their demographics and location, etc. If you categorize them it will be easy for you to understand where your audience will be available and accordingly target them.
  • Do your Competitor Analysis: Obviously, you are not alone, You will be having some competitors working on the same audience list. You need to have a clear understanding of your competition. It is mandatory to do a clear competitor analysis and get to know your direct, indirect as well as future competitors. Learn about how they are marketing their online courses and come up with counter-marketing strategies.


How to Market your Online Courses

  1. Market On Social Media

Most course developers have found their clients on social media. They achieve this by shedding light on their courses online and urging people to sign up. However, it takes more than that.

First, you need to have a large audience before you start marketing. It is within this audience that the students will emerge. One of the best ways to gain a massive following is by creating excellent content.

You should use social media to prove your prowess in a specific niche. With time, you will have a huge following to sell your craft to. Before starting your social media promotions go back to your audience analysis and check which are the platforms your target audience loves to spend time on. Accordingly, work on your social media terms.

  1. Use Advertisements

Online advertisements have massive benefits to every business or craft. You can use them to target specific audiences with knowledge about what you offer. For instance, you can fine-tune your ads to reach women if you run courses on cooking. Most people will be interested after seeing them. There are multiple platforms to do your advertisements like

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Youtube Ads

The use of adverts will save you money even though you pay for them. However, it is the best way to get the type of clients you want.

  1. Have Free Previews

Most people would love to know what a course entails before they sign up. It would help to give them a peek at your course for this reason. However, it would help if you shunned providing too much information to keep them in anticipation.

It is this anticipation that will make them sign up. These previews give people a clue of what to expect, and if it is good enough, it could go a long way to convince them to join.

  1. Offer Discounts to the Early Birds

Everybody loves a discount, why would you not use it for your gain?

You should offer it to the first students who sign up to increase the subscriptions. However, to avoid making a loss, decide how much the discount will be and the number of people to access it.

If the preview you have shared is good, people will expect the course to match it too. Have a discount for the first few sign-ups, and people will be more motivated to join you.

  1. Make Use of Guest Posts on Common Blogs

It would be great to go where potential clients are and use guest posts to promote your craft. Do not put your articles on random blogs, but the ones that have significant pulling. By so doing, you will reach a bigger audience in a short time.

It is also advisable to use informative posts. You can achieve this by identifying a problem in your field and offering a solution. This will make more people sign up, especially those undergoing the particular issue.

You can then direct them to your course and offer more solutions to them. This will boost your practice significantly.

  1. Use an Email List

The use of email marketing will bring many sales to your course. However, you should create an email list first to achieve its benefits. An email list entails people you want to convey the message about your online course to. Email marketing cannot be avoided if you are looking for a  successful training business. You need to engage and educate your audience in a regular period to get their trust. Only if you get their trust, you can upsell more of your product to them. Use a good email marketing tool and start writing informative email content before starting your email campaigns. Remember email market is essential in marketing your online courses. An email list is your asset, don’t forget.

  1. Use Podcasts to market your online courses

Podcasts are an excellent way to share your expertise about a specific niche. You can use it before you release the course as a self-promotion method.

The use of podcasts is the best to sell and market your course online. However, it would help to decide which information will be free and paid as you plan the content.

  1. Reach out to Non-competitive Partners

As the saying goes, it is who you know, not what you know, and it applies here. It would help to look for a professional network that will help you market your course. Some of these experts might become your clients and give you a shout-out on their sites.

You can also create future partnerships with these experts by reaching out to them. You can use the above marketing strategies to promote your course for pleasing results. Reach out to Non-competitive Partners


Pro Tip-Market your online courses with Training Management system

Creating, Managing, and selling courses is not an easy task. It involves many tasks like creating content, uploading, subscriptions, invoices, managing students, communication, etc. You can’t do all of these manually. Here you need a Training Management system (TMS) like Edujournal which will take care of your most work to handle a training business.

Final Thoughts

Creating a good online course is challenging; you should put out interesting content to have many sign-ups. You can use the above tips to increase your subscriptions. Also, feel free to contact for more information on the same.

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