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Powerful Ways to Draft the Most Compelling & Convertible Emails Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed the two most important factors for a successful email campaigns, Open Rate, and CTR. We also talked about email list building using a single opt-in or double opt-in method. In this part, we will discuss how you can increase your email Open Rate and CTR. By practicing the tips below, you can achieve a high success rate for your training institute email marketing.

1. Mind the User Experience

Don’t you feel annoyed when you find your inbox with stuffed content on each morning? When drafting your email, always think from the Recipient’s perspective, and your self-experience should play an essential role in delivering the enticing content.

The end-user experience should be a crucial part of your email marketing campaign. Your emails should be simple, concise, engaging, and should provide value to its reader. 

2. Make Your Subject Line Personalised and Clickable

According to research, 26 percent of emails are opened by looking at personalized and attention-seeking subject lines. In today’s busy lifestyle, people do not have time to open all the emails in the inbox. The general tendency is to look at the subject line and then decide whether to open an email or not. If your email subject line is personalized, it is intriguing or creates curiosity, or it hit pain points or appeals to the emotional side of the Recipient. There is a bigger chance that the Recipient will click to open the email and read it.

Follow the below-stated guidelines to create compelling and clickable subject lines: 

  • Recipient’s persona customization
  • Ask a question, comment, feedback 
  • Show urgency – Provide scarce or time-sensitive incentive 
  • Keep is short and straightforward
  • Add an offer which cannot be resisted, and it creates curiosity

3. Pay Attention to Your Email Design & Layout

Gone are the days when emails used to be boring and only text-based. And people had to use their PCs to access email inbox. Now mobile devices have become enough smart and powerful that more people are using only mobile phones for eCommerce, entertainment, and even for work. HTML based emails have made it possible to design beautiful layouts with images, videos, and clickable call to action buttons, etc. When drafting your email, consider using the right fonts, font sizes, colors, and formatting. Call to action or any other link placement also matters a lot. Test your emails on various screen sizes such as a desktop monitor, laptop screen, iPad, and mobile phone screens. Also, test different os versions such as iOS and Android, etc. The right email should be visually appealing, easy to read, and follow. Attention to these details will increase the possibility of Recipient’s response to the email and CTAs.

4. Use Segmentation

When it comes to email marketing, one size does not fit all. It would help if you segmented your email campaign based on various factors. Some of the most important factors are these:

  • Location of the Recipient
  • Age of the Recipient
  • Gender
  • Interest group
  • Demographics
  • Subscribed date
  • Engagement level

According to a survey among email marketing providers, segmented email campaigns have a 14% more open rate than un-segmented email marketing campaigns.

5. Be Creative and Experiment Variations

Many factors determine the Open Rate of an email marketing campaign. Try to test by changing the offers, discounts, text alignment, colors, and your sending time based on click-through rates. Try sending an email with different subject lines and varying other factors. Then analyze the response rate to determine which factors are more useful for which segment of the email subscribers’ list. 

7. Plan Your Email Campaigns

Identify the goals you want to achieve from the email marketing campaign. Once you have identified the goals, then plan your Call to Actions for the Recipient that how can you entice the Recipient to respond the way you want them to act.

Place your CTAs on the proper places in the email, like at the start of email or at sections where you share valuable information. Do not stuff your email with a lot of text, be creative, use visuals, provide value, and use a variety of CTAs such as Discount, Demo, Find Out More, etc. 

There are numerous CTAs such as a discount, demo video, click more that diverts to read an interesting topic. Place CTAs on your sales or landing page as well. 


Like we said earlier, Open Email Rate and Click Through Rate is especially crucial for an effective email campaign. But these cannot be achieved with one effort. These parameters can be increased by continuous tests and trials of your email campaigns. Creativity is the key to success. If you continue testing and improving your email campaign results, it will result in building useful email lists. That email list database will become a valuable asset for your training institute business.

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