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What is School Management System?, How to choose right school management system?

What is a school management system?

Recent research shows that 99% of colleges and universities use a learning management system. Fifty-six percent of the learning institutions use it daily, and about seventy-four percent state that it has helped enhance learning. Running a school requires a lot of skilled workforces to keep up with the changes. However, this can be resolved through a management system. A school management system is software that a school implements into its management to help perform school administrative activities and ensure parents are actively involved in the progress and security of their children.

What are the features of a school management system?

A learning management software should accommodate an institution’s daily routines and provide security to the institution’s data. Below are features of good learning management software.

  • It should have a program management and class scheduling
  • It should be an efficient information system to store student admissions and their records
  • It should accommodate financial and teacher’s assessment tools
  • It should have role administration.

How to choose the proper learning management software?

Management software is crucial in any busy place that requires constant retrieval and recording of data. Therefore, before any institution decides to adopt any learning management software, it is essential to consider various factors. Choosing the best school management system is not easy, and one needs to have adequate knowledge of the available software.

Here is a list of things to put into consideration while deciding on the right school management system.

The number of the stakeholders the system will accommodate.

A sound school management system can accommodate all the key stakeholders of any learning institution. These stakeholders include teachers, students, parents, staff, school alumni, the school board members, and trustees. Each member takes a vital role in the school and should be accounted for by the software.

An efficient system keeps everyone in the loop, ensuring that everyone is accounted for when they report in and out of the institution.

The system is flexible.

Flexible software is vital as activities in a learning institution are subject to change now and then. A system that can adapt to the new changes is crucial for the effective running of the institution.


Every learning institution is unique in its way in terms of the functions performed. Therefore, understanding your learning institution’s requirements will help you decide on the right learning management system to purchase.

Technical training

Before purchasing any school management software, it is important to consider if your staff is equipped with the necessary skills to run the system. Different school management software requires special skills to run them. It is also essential to consider the type of training and how intensive it will be. Develop a plan on how to train the staff on using the software before purchasing.


Cost is the primary decision that one should consider before deciding on the proper school management system. Of course, the software should be within the learning institution’s budget. However, it should not be too above the bar or below the bar as the cost also determines how useful the system features are.

In terms of cost, it is also essential to consider the installation cost and what disruptions may arise due to the system’s installation.

Security and backup

Learning institutions possess a lot of personal data for the stakeholders. If this information lands in the wrong hands, it can be fatal. Therefore, choosing the right system is critical as a security measure should be considered. The software should be secure, preventing unauthorized people from accessing the system; it is should implement the security measures of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The system should have a backup as it is crucial is vital in times of unpredicted disasters. It would be best to have cloud backup to ensure that the data is secure and retrieved whenever needed.

It should be diverse.

The school management software should be diverse in terms of offering other services than the standard information management. It should accommodate other learning programs such as Edujournal that give the student extra co-curricular activities. These activities are also beneficial to different stakeholders.

Software updates and upgrades

A sound system has consistent upgrades and updates as these ensure you get to enjoy new features of the system. Moreover, an update can fix several bugs of the system hence improving its efficiency and performance.

In conclusion, school management software is necessary. However, before deciding on the right software, one should consider several things such as security, flexibility, training cost, among others. If a school has no management system, it would be best if they acquire one.

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