Facebook marketing strategy

Why and how to use Facebook marketing strategy for your training institute courses?

Some statistics about Facebook and social media

Facebook is among the top social media platforms with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users. Around 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily. According to Sprout Social Index edition XVI report findings, “Eighty-nine percent of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media and 84% will choose that brand over a competitor. Additionally, 75% of consumers say they will increase their spending with brands they follow on social media. The majority of both social marketers (74%) and consumers (68%) said they planned to use Facebook more in the coming year.”

It is noticeably clear that social media usage for digital marketing is increasing. It is good for your training institute to develop a strategy and business plan to use Facebook marketing strategy for promoting your training institute.

Goal for Facebook marketing strategy

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase web traffic
  3. Grow brand audience
  4. Promote content
  5. Increase community engagement
  6. Drive sales
  7. Connect with your audience
  8. Provide customer service and support
  9. Track and understand your competitors

How to Achieve Digital Marketing Goals

First of all, make your priority list, what do you want to achieve in your digital marketing campaign. Above goals list should give you some ideas. Once you have made your list then it is time to strategies and plane for each goal.

Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Facebook stories, Facebook posts, Facebook ads are different aspects of Facebook platform. Below I will list some of the goals and Facebook marketing strategy that can be used to achieve those goals

Facebook groups help in bringing together people who share a common interest. In a group that consists of people who match your target customer, you can have lot of opportunities to grow awareness of your business by being helpful in the group. Usually members of the groups ask lot of questions, here is where you can step in, contribute with value, that in return will give you authority and bring your brand awareness. This is a powerful Facebook marketing strategy because it’s highly targeted. People need answers to their questions and if you can help them on a regular basis, they will think of you when they need help and they may start engaging you directly for their needs. Facebook marketing strategy and advertisement is all about continuous presence before the targeted audience, and Facebook groups can help you achieve this very well.

You can join others’ Facebook groups, start engaging with the community and start building your influence. But you do not have control on groups started or owned by others. You should start your own groups also. These can be general groups or groups around your products and course offerings or even customer support groups. Conducting quizzes and giveaways are just few strategies that can help your group and brand to get traction.

Facebook pages can be used to Increase brand awareness, increase web traffic, grow brand audience and to promote content. End users and customers expect a brand to have a Facebook page. Facebook page is simply a profile of your business. This page is unique on internet and visible on search engines. That also helps to increase your online presence and visibility. On your training institute Facebook page, you can show case your offerings, share about your business, create, and share value able content with your audience and grow the likes and following of your brand.

Facebook store is just like an online shop. You can use this Facebook feature to display your course offerings directly on this social media platform, you can enrol students and even collect payments.

Facebook paid ads can be used to promote your courses to the targeted audience. This may be among the best advertisement methods on internet. You can get the best analytical data about your ads. Facebook ads are also able to micro target your intended audience, thus increasing the ROI. These paid ads have far better reach than organic posts on your timeline or groups. You can retarget the people who have shown some interest or engaged with your ads. In short, if done correctly, these ads can be extremely helpful in growing your training institute business.

Facebook pixel and retargeting can be used to target those who have once shown interest without taking any further action.

Facebook chatbots are highly effective tools for consumer engagement and support. A Facebook chatbot is a small program that lives inside Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is the third most used app in the world.  By using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot you can engage with customers in real time and help and support and same time can collect feedback. These chatbots can automate most common questions and information specific to your business. Here are some of the benefits you can reap by using chatbots:

  1. Reach your audience directly
  2. Save time and money on customer care
  3. Identify leads
  4. Handle e-commerce transactions
  5. Re-engage customers

Social media marketing is huge. Facebook marketing strategy alone can be an overwhelming subject if you are new to this. With some effort, you can learn to market your business in Facebook by yourself. Or you can engage third party digital agencies to promote your business using Facebook and other social media. However, if you want to learn about how to promote your training institute business using Facebook, there is plenty of online content available. Do drop us an email or contact us if you are keen on learning more about Facebook marketing. We will gladly direct you to helpful resources available on internet.

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