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Five Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Have you ever tried to sell a product online and found that it didn’t “fly off the shelves” the way you expected it would? Maybe you have been led to think that selling online is all a big scam or lie. Perhaps you think that selling online is almost impossible and a job for online gurus only. Well, I agree that making online sales is not a child’s play or some skill that you pick up instantly. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and testing, and trials before one can be successful in the wild world of web. Let us check some tips to boost your online sales in this article.

Boosting your online sales may be tedious work, but it does not have to be very complicated, almost as complicated as it would take someone to do a master’s degree or doctorate before in order to be a successful online marketer.

In this series of blogs, I will provide simple yet effective guidelines in order for you to become successful in online selling. By applying these simple yet powerful principles in your online business your business will thrive online. So let’s begin:

1. Up-sell

Selling once is great but selling twice is even better! The hardest part of selling online is getting someone to open up their wallet and trust in your system to buy a product. So, if you have got to that point already, don’t waste it! Take this opportunity to try and add something else to the package. That might mean an additional small purchase to sweeten the deal, it might mean an accessory that complements the main purchase, or it might be upgrading the product to the “Premium Edition.” For example, if someone has selected a “for beginners” course, offer them an irresistible discount for the advanced course if they sign up at the same time. Offer them a voucher if they signup for their spouse, partner, or friend, or any on. This strategy will boost your sales. Up-selling or repeat sales is the best way to boost your online sales.

2. The Best Service

Ask yourself this question, do you want to make a quick buck by selling to a customer once, or do you want to make them lifelong customers? Learning is a lifelong thing. People always need to learn new things, new skills, or improve on their existing know-how. If you offer a quality learning experience, they will be loyal to you as long as your business has something of value to offer to them. By offering the best experience, you will make your customers your salesmen, they will not hesitate to recommend you to others who may need your courses.

3. Run Split Tests

Split tests involve creating two slightly different versions of the same sales page. You then compare the performance of each version, before adopting the changes across your entire site/marketing campaign. Try comparing different colors, fonts, phrasing, and more. Just make sure that you run the tests long enough that the results are actually reflective of a general trend – rather than just being a fluke. You can do this by calculating the “P” value.

4. Build and Share Your Story

The narrative is often described as “SEO for the human brain.” What is meant by that, is that by telling a story, you can get your audience to lean in and engage with what you’re saying. This is crucial if you want them to not only stay on the page but also to convert in customers. Rather than presenting dry facts about your product, try to find the human interest and turn it into an interesting story that the reader wants to get to the end of!

5. Find Out Your CLV

Your CLV is your “customer lifetime value.” This tells you how much on average, each visitor who buys from you will be worth to your brand. You get this number by looking at your current products, the conversion rates for each one, the profits on each one, and how many times the average user buys from you. This number is important because it tells you how much a visitor is worth to you. If you run an ad campaign and you are spending less than this amount per visitor, then you should be able to boost your online sales and guarantee an ROI.

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