Shape of education landscape in post Covid world

The education sector is one of the major areas which went through a massive up and down during this COVID-19 crisis. The transition from traditional schooling to online learning has done a vital change in students’ perspective and learning style.

Yes, We need to change along with the change around us….

Change is hard but change is imminent!

“’I wish it need not have happened in my time,’ said Frodo. ‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’” —J.R.R. Tolkein

Resistance to change in normal situations is a common trait. One thing I have learned from Covid-19 is human resilience and the capacity to change.  Being in IT industry, I have witnessed many training institutes switching to virtual classrooms overnight in order to survive and continue their business.

Remote working and virtual e-learning is becoming the new norm. Switching from traditional ways of conducting training courses to online courses is not free from challenges. Adaptation of new technologies can be challenging, and it definitely involves spending on infrastructure. But in the long run it can offer benefits that outweigh those offered by traditional business models.

Education can be considered among the most basic and essentials needs of an individual in any society. It prepares and enables an individual to become a useful and contributing member of the society. Even though learning is a lifelong trait, but there is time for formal learning to start an independent adult life. That time period is critical, and nothing should disrupt that flow of learning and formal education.

But what happens when a situation such as Covid-19 arises, and routine life comes to a halt. Should the learning process also stop, depriving the student of their most essentials and time-critical rights of education? Luckily, it does not have to happen. Internet has made it possible to continue education even within the confines of one home. One industry that will boom in post-Covid-19 world is online education. Adaption and progress of Zoom is just compelling proof of it. Zoom had 10 million daily users in December 2019, in March 2020, number of daily users spiked to 200 million users per day. Most of the training institutes switched to virtual classes using ZOOM. Virtual or e-learning is fast becoming a new norm, even in the post-covid-19 world, many institutes would keep their focus on offering online education.

Online education’s widespread adaption is not just because of necessity and lack of other options. In fact, online education has many benefits and edge over the traditional on-premises education model. Below are some of the benefits offered by online education to its end-user or students.

Benefits of Online Education

Online education, like any other technology, comes with its share of benefits. Because of it unique benefits, online education is drawing in more and more people from all around the globe.

Different people have different capacities to learn, some are fast learners and others are slow learners. Sadly, most of the schools in our education system do not acknowledge this and eventually end up giving kids inferiority or superiority complexes. Without a doubt, the best feature of online education is the power to control the pace of your learning.

Freedom and Independence in Education

Online education lets a student take things at his or her own pace and ‘learn’ things rather than cram them. Students are free to choose the timings of their study.

Better Study Experience

Next, comes the use of animation. If used properly, it plays a huge role in accelerating and enhancing the learning process. Animation can develop a student’s 3D imagination very easily. Another benefit f online education is that it does not involve any travelling. A student can just sit in home and learn. When a student has the choice to study when he or she wants, that student is bound to level up in terms of productivity. I remember in my days, there was no college in my small town, and I had to travel to a distant city to receive good education. This was pre internet era and there was no such thing as online education. I wonder how much time, resources it would have save me if I did not have to travel for to receive education. Now a days a student can just join the best education institutes not just in country but across the globe from the comfort of his home.

24/7 Support and assistance for students!

Let’s assume that a student is preparing for a competitive examination and he gets stuck in the middle of the night with a problem. What options that student has now? The answer is just a chat away. Online education-based start-ups and companies these days hire staff for doubt clearance at any level. A Student can go online and solve his confusion via chat. Most of the confusing questions and their answers are already pre entered in the chatbots that make this process automated and smooth.

Online education, a more affordable option for the students!

online education is also cheaper as compared to other means of education. Nowadays the most sought-after schools, colleges, and coaching classes are turning to the internet for expanding their reach, and with that quality hardly remains an issue.

Providing solutions and adding value is the key to success!

Any business that focuses on its customers and meeting their needs, providing solutions and adding value to their business will eventually succeed. Same foes for any training institute. Online, remote, and home-based learning will be a significant part of the education landscape in the near future. Adopting to best online learning solutions will help your institute to not just survive but to thrive in post-Covid-19 world.

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