investing in elearning

Why should you invest in eLearning?


In this golden age of online education, the eLearning industry has grown by 900% since 2000.   Research shows that eLearning will grow to $325 billion by 2025. Another figure suggests $406 billion by 2024.

Moment, there’s a monumental shift in the manner in which education, training, and instruments are been handed, through colorful online tools and coffers, where huge investments are made in this niche. The pall-grounded literacy operation system has played a major part in the expansion of eLearning. With eLearning, we’re suitable to extend literacy beyond the core of the business to develop a literacy culture within the association, enabling the learners to evolve and progress. To have an impact on your business, the training program must have the contents customized and applicable to the job, in line with the company’s, workers should to supplied with enablement tools viz., action plans, templates, playbooks, models, primers, rosters, etc., that can be applied directly to work.

 Furnishing education is transformative for the company, workers, guests, etc., The significance of eLearning is that it’s quick and doesn’t dodge any costs because of the absence of long training ages, structure, stationery, trip expenditure, etc., workers moment are keen to learn and upskill. By investing in eLearning, companies demonstrate their value in education and knowledge development. moment’s learners want substantiated content at their point of need as they’re constantly on the move.

Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in eLearning :

  1.   Cost & Time Savings : 
  • The cost involved in setting up an eLearning platform and its maintenance is minimal. 
  • No cost is involved for printing training materials, books, and other overheads
  • Leadaptable training methods
  • eLearning requires 40% to 60% less time than traditional classroom learning.


  1.   Easily Accessible Digital Content:
  • Easily access content through computers, laptops & smartphones.
  • High-quality content in the form of videos, notes, infographics, etc.,
  • Self-paced learning or blended learning


  1.   Quick Update of Relevant Content :


  1.   Information Sharing:
  • Facilitates learning participation
  • Facilitates building a central repository of resources.  


  1.   Greater Knowledge Retention :
  • provide  a  number of  engagement and educational reinforcement Strategies viz., Gamification, Spaced Repetitions, Continuous post-assessments, micro-learning, etc.,
  • Faster access to a resources


  1.   Collaborative Learning :
  • Create, Manage, Share and Track knowledge and progress of individuals and teams.
  • Enable teams to work together, co-author documents, track progress, and work effectively while connected remotely.


  1.   Interactive Platform :
  • Anyone can be part of the discussion, forums, group chats, collaboration, workshops, etc
  • Get knowledge from multiple channels through technology-enabled interactions


  1.   Achieving Personal Career Advancement  and Organizational Goals :
  • Improve employee professional development.
  • Online platform for employees’ training and development.
  • Learning contents  are customized and relevant to work
  • Performance improvement
  • Improves Employee Productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction
  1.   Having a competitive advantage :
  • Dynamic and skilled Workforce
  • Sustainable productivity and growth


  1.   Scalability
  • Can roll it out to as many learners as you need
  • Enables Inclusive Learning., ie., education to the remotest areas.


Moment, eLearning has revolutionized the way learning occurs. It has contributed to enhancing the chops of learners immensely. It has also contributed to enhancing the effectiveness of workers in an association. numerous commercial are now realizing that helping their workers upskill is the key to the success of their association. Educational Institutions and Corporates are sluggishly moving towards briskly and more effective eLearning from the conventional literacy system. With 42 Fortune 500 companies formerly enforcing eLearning, jimmying the full eventuality of online literacy, your company is at threat of falling before without one.

Why invest in eLearning

Any company that invest in eLearning will get its benefits one or another way. When work-from-home or hybrid working model gets more attention among employers, having a centralized learning system for your employees will make everything smoother in learning and development.


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