Future of Hybrid Working Model

Future of Hybrid Working Model

Do you think a hybrid working model can replace the traditional work-from-office culture? Yes. The hybrid working model is much preferred and the most happening thing in a corporate environment in post-pandemic time. According to research, 92% of employees prefer to work from home at least one day a week and 80% prefer to work […]

Future Skills

Future Skills: What Will We Need to Learn in the Next Decade?

As we embark on the threshold of the 2030s, the landscape of our world, driven by rapid technological advancements and interconnected global networks, presents both exhilarating opportunities and formidable challenges. This new era demands not just awareness but mastery of an array of emerging technologies that promise to redefine our everyday lives.  As we navigate […]

Home based business ideas in Singapore

Home-based business ideas in Singapore

According to the Department of Statistics in Singapore, the number of private-owned businesses is rising every day. From 2018 to date, Over 207,200 home-based businesses in Singapore have been registered., and each firm makes under S$1 million per year. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a private-owned business but don’t know where to start; then […]


Homeschooling for kids

Did you know homeschooling for your kids is a great idea that has extensive benefits? Homeschooling is getting better acceptance among parents worldwide. According to future school, Homeschooling students perform 15-30% better than regular schooling students in public or private. There are approximately 2.2 million kids taking homeschooling in United States cureently. The percentage of […]

Online Learning Fatigue

How to Avoid Online Learning Fatigue

Online learning and remote training have helped the industry to train essential skills and knowledge to their employees. This even has helped to attain a very big improvement in productivity and growth of companies. But sometimes things are going in a different direction. Employees are started feeling online learning fatigue because of improper management between […]

How to Build SEO Friendly Course / Training Portal

How to Build SEO Friendly Course / Training Portal

If you’re looking to get more traffic for your site, search engine optimization is the best way to do that. Similarly, if you are looking for more traffic to your course, Build SEO Friendly courses or training portals.  It is the tried and tested method utilized by every successful business and has been proven to […]

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