data science as your career

Why choose data science for your career

Looking to get a career in the field of Data Science?   YES. it is a lucrative, in-demand, progressive, futuristic, and growth-oriented technology.   So what is it that makes data science such a scorching hot field to get into? Being a Data Scientist involves having a basic skill set viz., knowledge of basic mathematics, basic statistics […]

online virtual classroom

Why create an online virtual classroom?  How effective is virtual classroom?

ELearning simply means learning that takes place through the use of technology and digital resources viz, laptop, mobile, zoom, youtube, etc. eLearning allows students, employees in training, and casual learners to participate in organized learning experiences regardless of their physical location.   With eLearning, learners can access the content from anywhere, anytime. It provides personalized content […]

investing in elearning

Why should you invest in eLearning?

  In this golden age of online education, the eLearning industry has grown by 900% since 2000.   Research shows that eLearning will grow to $325 billion by 2025. Another figure suggests $406 billion by 2024. Moment, there’s a monumental shift in the manner in which education, training, and instruments are been handed, through colorful […]

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